Joint Delivery was a customer service focused business that prides theirselves on delivering an exceptional experience for their clientele. Their sole mission is to get legal cannabis into your hands via delivery in the District of Columbia. 
I was commissioned to create some merchandise to grow potential brand presence in the area to also help with items that could be purchased on their online web store. 
This is the Joint Delivery logo that has been a staple in the District of Columbia for well over the years. They created a serious name for themselves in the market and wanted to invest more into the wearable advertising side of business. 
I pitched to them the idea of creating apparel and items to sell on the online web store to help generate higher checkouts. Collaborating with the owner and operator to come up with various ideas and designs to help promote more brand presence in the streets. 
They wanted to go with something more simple and subtle due to the fact that they try to keep the brand a little more tasteful for the public. 
I took their original logo and added a little flare. We agreed by making the brand more presentable and acceptable in the eye of the public, we dropped the term "delivery" and decided to move towards the Joint name in itself. I dropped the colors and added this nice white outline to give that simplicity and subtle look they wanted. I then made mockups for sweatshirts and lighters to show what the end products would look like and after final approval, I had the green light to continue. 
I was able to find these beautiful blue tye-dye sweatshirts to go along with the gray color we had picked out
After approval was confirmed, emails were sent to the screen printing shop to get these products printed and ready for the site. I delivered the products to the Joint Delivery team and they wanted to go out and get lifestyle product shots to showcase the new merchandise being offered. 
I grabbed my camera, shot a few photos, and I thought they came out spectacular.
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